KABASIA Debuts Ethically-Sourced Unisex Spring Collection "Installment I: A Dream Recounted" for Dreamers

KABASIA Debuts Ethically-Sourced Unisex Spring Collection

For Designer Morgan Ogryzek, KABASIA is more than a fashion label; it is a wearable and sustainable art installation that invites you to dream, feel, and be one with its curations

Designer and innovator Morgan Ogryzek has unveiled her debut collection, "Installment I: A Dream Recounted" from her clothing brand KABASIA. The ethically sourced unisex statement pieces bring otherwise fleeting dreams to life by combining bedroom motifs, nightmare imagery, and whimsical textures into a cohesive story. The collection utilizes a mix of hand-selected and hand-manipulated materials, setting KABASIA apart from the wasteful, faddish practices of fast fashion brands.

TikTok Trends are synonymous with “Fast-fashion,” a term to describe on-trend, mass-produced clothing. 54% of people believe that social media influencers are responsible for the rise in mass-produced clothing, with 73% being people aged 18-24. The search for sustainable, quality threads is daunting as both the price and availability of fast fashion makes it so accessible. However, KABASIA takes a sustainable approach to fashion, offering statement, forever pieces that are ethically made and story-driven, not trend-driven. Designer Morgan Ogryzek opposes the fast fashion business model with small-batch and custom order approach. 

Ogryzek's approach to fashion is one that engages fabric as the medium to sculpt memories and reconstruct stories, engaging garments as installation art. "My creative process of using garments as artifacts to explore deeper stories is one I am proud of, but often feels at odds with the status quo," says Ogryzek. As a Harvard graduate, Ogryzek studied the reception of Jean Michel Basquiat’s artwork before and after his passing, which influenced her eclectic creative process, and ability to source inspiration from all forms of media. 

The debut collection, "Installment I: A Dream Recounted," tells a story with each piece, such as the "Window Treatment" Maxi Skirt that taps into 90's minimalism while exuding the Anti-Trend movement. With muses such as FKA, UMI, and Kali Uchis, KABASIA looks to storytellers outside of the medium for inspiration. The emerging, original brand solidifies itself as the new label to watch.


Morgan Ogryzek is the founder and Creative Director of KABASIA, an independent fashion label based in Brooklyn that engages clothing as installation art with dreamy statement pieces. At KABASIA, clothing is the medium to tell stories and sculpt memories, curating collections like exhibitions themselves. In an industry fatigued by constantly-changing fads, KABASIA offers a refreshing pause by infusing stories, fantasy, and meaning into each collection.